Hi, I'm Julie Elliott.  Photographer, filmmaker, hair stylist.  Beauty Artist.

And I am inspired by YOU!

Your heartache, your scars, your trials and struggles... your REDEMPTION!


You have a story to tell.


Everything you've been through has made you the woman you are today and my guess is you wouldn't want to be anyone else.

Sadly, most of us don't see our beauty.  We hide it behind baggy clothes, messy hair, business.  We hide it behind our children's and partner's needs, our bosses' demands, social media posts.  But it's in there.

There is a beauty within all of us that cannot be destroyed because

we are made in the image of God.

You cannot look at a breathtaking sunset or sunrise, which was created by God and then look in the mirror and curse the perfect creation He made in you.


You, dear woman, are a special kind of beauty, unlike any other, that is living now, has ever lived, or ever will live.

Isn't that amazing??????


Join me, in celebrating your BEAUTY!

Celebrating who you are today and the woman you have become!

Fearfully and wonderfully made.

I promise that it will be fun, inspiring, transformational, BEAUTIFUL.

I know you're nervous, I know you're scared.  I know you don't feel ready.

Not thin enough, not pretty enough, not young enough.

Not __________________ enough.

You want to lose 10 or 20 pounds first.

Get botox, join the gym, whiten your teeth, get laser hair removal, etc.

Guess what?  The people who know you and love you don't care about any of that!

They love you just the way you are!

They want pictures of you dancing and laughing and loving life!

Pictures they will cherish forever!

Pictures that will outlive you and future generations.

NOW is the time to celebrate YOU!  Your unique, special and priceless BEAUTY.

Share YOUR STORY with the world and inspire other women to do the same!

Many of us won't stand up for ourselves but we will stand up for a sister.

Do it for her!  She needs you!  She is YOU.

Be her inspiration and her light in this world by shining your light for all to see!

Tell your story.

Put yourself out there.  Start your business.

For your family, sisters, friends, the world.

For you.

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Working with Julie to make a video for my website is like spending a “spa day” with a girl friend — seriously, it was all fun and no work! Julie is the consummate professional and a gifted artist.  She has the eye for the shots, for unique moments to be captured, all the while being in a completely zen space.  Her calm demeanor allows me to be relaxed and let my spirit shine through. I can just "be me" and be confident that she knows what she is doing and the end product will be brilliant.  I am so fortunate to know Julie and look forward to creating many more videos with her in the future!

Marie Vickers

Feng Shui Modern

Julie is amazing! Her lens on beauty and life speaks through her work as incredibly beautiful art! She has the ability to capture the soul of a being and bring out the light for all to see. A true light worker!

Sally Miller


When I saw a video of her grandson and thought how creative is that... then I asked her if she would make a video for our studio. .. was I in for a treat!



Julie used her naturally great eye to shoot the footage and picked out perfect music and matched it all up  to create the unique one of a kind Aerial Fitness video about the studio and all the styles we teach.  She is great to collaborate with and will work to make it just right!  She has a passion for videography and is a naturally creative person so whatever you need to showcase, she will figure it out. 


Thanks Julie for a video, I am excited to show everyone. 

Aerial Fun & Fitness

I had the great honor to work with Julie for my website re-brand. Julie completely captured my vision and went above and beyond what I could have hoped for. So many women compliment the photographs and I believe it's due to Julie's unique ability to create a story through a single photo.   Julie is patient, has a keen eye for creativity and has impeccable attention to detail.  I'm absolutely going to work with Julie again on future projects.  If you're looking for a photographer with passion, a creative eye and fun to work with- Julie is your lady! 

Mindfulness Mama

Julie, you are Amazing! It was so much fun and freeing to be outside and I felt so comfortable with you. Only the best rock star photographers are willing to lay on a cold wet ground to get "the shot".  The world is waiting and eager to embrace your creativity.

The Happy Healthy Coach

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you!  You were so nice and made me feel so comfortable.  I could've never done that if it hadn't been for your incredible kindness and guidance.  I had such an amazing time!  Thank you SO much, it was such an unforgettable experience.  I would Love to work with you again. The pictures are incredible and you did an amazing job. Words can't express just how amazing the experience was and the pictures are.  Thank you for everything!

Brianna Rodriguez

Townsend, DE

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